History repeats itself

About Tanjiro, the heir of Anime season

Crypto veterans will remember. As the Meme Season 2021 hype faded, Anime tokens came to shine. Tanjiro is ready to fullfil the legacy and start a billion dollar anime run.

With Tanjiro, investors can not only participate in a lucrative financial venture but also immerse themselves in an exciting gaming experience like never before.

Tanjiro is runned by experienced developers which started the previous anime season.

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Nostalgic P2E Game

Super Demon Slayer Bros™

Super Demon Slayer Bros™ is an exhilarating crypto game that adopts the beloved mechanics of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Engage in intense battles as you control unique demon slayers, each with their own special abilities and powers. Master precise controls and execute skillful combos to defeat your opponents and emerge victorious.

With its nostalgic graphics Super Demon Slayer Bros™ offers an immersive and competitive gaming experience for crypto enthusiasts and fighting game fans alike.

Coming June 2023



Max Supply


CEX Reserves




The Journey of

Arc 1
Setup & Launch
  • ● Fair launch
  • ● Website reveal
  • ● Socials launch
  • ● Game concept and previews
  • ◦ Community building
Arc 2
Growth & Development
  • ◦ CMC, CG and Moontok
  • ◦ SDSB™ Game release
  • ◦ NFT collection
  • ◦ Tanjiro token burn party
  • ◦ Whitepaper
Arc 3
Expansion & Ecosystem
  • ◦ Surprise utility reveal
  • ◦ Tanjiro Staking platform
  • ◦ SDSB™ Gameplay update
  • ◦ Partnerships with Anime tokens
  • ◦ CEX listings
Arc 4
Marketing & Future
  • ◦ Massive marketing campaign
  • ◦ Tier 1 listing/s
  • ◦ Future utility reveals
  • ◦ Long term roadmap
  • ◦ SDSB™ Multiplayer
How to buy

Become a Slayer Now

Step 1
Create a DeFi wallet

Download the MetaMask extension for your Browser or the App for your mobile device and create a wallet.

Step 2
Fund your wallet with ETH

Use your CEX wallet or your credit card to buy ETH directly on MetaMask.

Step 3
Connect your wallet to UniSwap

Visit UniSwap on your Browser or on MetaMasks Browser and click on the Connect button.

Step 4
Buy & Add as Custom Token

Add the Tanjiro contract address to the "Select token" field, set your slippage to 5-12%, click on Swap and "Add Tanjiro to your wallet".